How to Decorate a Room for a Foster Child

When you don't know the child's age or gender, decorating can be difficult. Here are a few universal rules that can work for almost any child.

Kristy O'Neal October 27, 2018

I love the process of decorating my home. Adding personal touches and tweaking things both for function and style is one of my hobbies. So when I became a foster parent, I was excited about the prospect of decorating rooms for my future foster children.

But the process turned out to be a lot more daunting than I expected. How do you decorate a room for children when you don’t know their gender, how old they are, or anything about their interests? I tried searching online for ideas, but even the few links I found were from folks with a fairly limited age range (usually newborn to 2 years old). Since I take everything from babies to teenagers, I needed a little more flexibility.

Now, several years and many foster placements later, I have a better idea of where to start, at least, until I meet a new foster child and start customizing things for him or her. If you’re like me and are trying to find the balance between setting up a room and keeping it flexible, hopefully these ideas and images will help.

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Kristy O'Neal

Kristy is mom to two sweet, funny, wonderful kids and works full time in information technology. During her spare time, she likes to browse Pinterest and thrift stores, create things, and hang out with her kids. As a foster parent, Kristy cares about advocating for the needs of kids in foster care and supporting foster families. You can read her thoughts on these and many other topics at her blog.

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