With my job as a home study assistant for an adoption agency, I love meeting families that are adopting. I also love being able to relate to them, as my husband and I adopted our daughter. I love to offer support and love to these families because I know the adoption process can be crazy and stressful. All families that are adopting need to be able to find peace for themselves. That will look different for every family.

My husband and I did a few things to find peace during our adoption journey. One thing that can offer peace is a support system and community. It is so critical to surround yourselves with family members and friends who can love you and be there for you when you need it. We turned to our church community and family members for the majority of our support.

Another thing to do to find peace is expanding your adoption community. Hopefully, your adoption agency or another contact can link you with other families who have already adopted, know what you are going through, and can walk alongside you during your journey.

Staying busy and educating myself were two other things I did to find peace. Most families are asked to complete education during their home study. During the waiting period and even once your child comes home, you can also continue to educate yourself about adoption in general, your child’s culture if an international adoption or even bonding and attachment with your adopted child. This gave me peace as it allowed me to be as prepared and educated as possible.

Yes, adoption can be crazy and stressful. But the more you are aware, educated, and supported the easier the process will be for you and your family.

What have you done to find peace during the adoption process?



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