“I Adopted An Embryo. Here’s What it Was Like”

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Rachael Dyer May 09, 2017
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“I Adopted an Embryo”

Every pregnancy story is unique. Some couples go through rounds of fertility tests and treatments in order to have a child; while others decide to adopt. Now what is becoming a more common practice is embryo adoption. Having been unable to conceive, Kelli Crites-Gassman adopted an embryo. With embryo adoption, she was able to experience pregnancy. She relates, “Through embryo adoption, we have two amazing children, a close relationship with our donor family, and have been able to encourage other couples struggling with infertility.”

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Rachael Dyer

Rachael is new to the adopting community but has a huge respect for those apart of it. She is currently a content-editing intern for Elevati, the company responsible for Adoption.com. She studies English at Brigham Young University -- Idaho with a minor in International Studies. She hope to one day work with the US State Department as a Foreign Affairs Officer, possible helping strengthen international ties. She is polyglot, knowing English, Spanish, American Sign Language (ASL), and Mandarin. She hopes one day be able to visit any country and speak their native language. She jokes that once she has learned French, and Arabic she can then take over the world. She enjoys spending time with family and friends in the great outdoors. She is fourth of seven children and a proud aunt of four. Concerning family, she believes "the more the merrier"!

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