Our panel of four international adoptive parents shares their experiences adopting internationally.


Lori is a working mom who adores her two children. She tells us that adopting internationally is not for the “faint of heart.” Among many other things, it requires flexibility.  Each country has its own guidelines, its own regulations, and its own stipulations. If you go into the process prepared to be flexible, the frustration may be eased and your goal achieved.


Our panelist, Tia, became a mother to her little boy four years ago. She chose to adopt as a single mom after traveling to Haiti with a couple who was adopting. Her heart was stolen by a little guy who would become her son forever. Tia didn’t make the decision flippantly.  After much contemplation and continued draws to this little boy, Tia knew this was the right decision for her and her son.


Deborah and her husband had four biological children. When their kids were partly raised, they felt the call to adopt internationally. They know now, after adding three more children to their family, that this blended family of adopted and biological children is exactly the way it is supposed to be for them. This leap of faith for Deborah and her family has turned into the greatest blessing.


To complete our panel, we have Amy, who has experienced both domestic and international adoption.  As an adoptive mother, Amy knows that adoption is love.  She also understands adoption from a professional point of view, having worked with an agency.  Amy tells us that it’s important to give yourself some breaks. Don’t expect to be the perfect parent, and don’t expect that there will be an immediate connection with your children. Amy knows that patience is an important key in raising a family, adopted or biological.



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