Today, November 13, is World Kindness Day! Some refer to it as Random Acts of Kindness Day for the whole world. As a member of the adoption community,  I have been thinking of random acts of kindness to bestow upon those touched by adoption. The disclaimer for random acts of kindness is to just be sure those you are bestowing acts of kindness upon are open to the kind acts. Below are ideas I thought of for those touched by adoption:

Random Acts for Adoptees:

  1. An adoptive parent/parents can write a letter explaining how adoption has enriched their lives. The letter can then be placed on the child’s bed or desk for them to discover.
  2. An adoptee’s adoption story can be created on PowerPoint or with a photo site such as Shutterfly and given to the adoptee.
  3. Have a surprise party for the adoptee on a random day to celebrate him or her.
  4. An adoption piece of jewelry  can be given at a random time by an adoptive parent to symbolize their love and support for adoption and the adoptee.
  5. Adopt an animal, either a pet or a zoo animal, and list the adoptee as the mom or dad.  He/she can feel the love an adoptive parents feels

Random Acts for Adoptive Parents:


  1. Have a surprise party for the adoptive parent (s) the day they bring baby home
  2. As an adoptee, write a letter expressing your love, and leave it where your adoptive parent (s) will find it unexpectedly.
  3. Buy a piece of jewelry with an adoption symbol on it to spontaneously give to an adoptive parent.
  4. Make a photo collage with photos of your adoptive family (with the adoptee in the photos) to give to them.
  5. Hold a fundraiser to raise money for an adoption

Random Acts for Birth Parents:

  1. Buy a piece of jewelry for her that symbolizes a birth parent’s choice
  2. If they would be receptive, and there are photos from throughout the pregnancy, make a scrapbook for the birth parent (s).
  3. On the child’s birthday, give the birth parent(s) a hug. No words needed, just a hug. They will know why.
  4. Give them a card expressing your love for them.
  5. Bring a meal to their house a few days or weeks after their selfless decision.  Food always warms the soul, as do friends.

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