Lego Batman Movie: Robin’s Adoption

How a little Batman becomes a great dad.

Ellen Haws March 28, 2017
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My 4 year old is in love with the Lego Batman movie, so much that we have seen in the theaters twice.  And, if I’m being totally honest it is really fun and I’m a big fan too.  As an adoptive mom the adoption story stood out to me. In the movie we see Bruce Wayne attend a Gotham City Ball. During the ball, he carries on a conversation with an orphan named Dick Grayson. Well mostly the kid talks, Batman isn’t listening, but answering and he ends up unknowingly adopting Dick, over the course of one conversation.

What a beautiful piece of fiction! That would never happen, but it does make for some good laughs so I’ll give the movie a pass. Adoption is lots of paperwork, court filings, caseworkers, and more and somehow, sometime later, a family comes together. The adoption journey is just that: a journey. Pack some snacks and some courage; you’re gonna need it.

On top of the one conversation adoption plan, Dick moves into Bruce Wayne’s home without Bruce even knowing he has a son. Alfred, the butler, has to remind him that he adopted Dick. Again, that would never happen in real life, but part of Lego Batman’s charm is his intense narcissism, so again it works for the movie. Eventually Batman decides to use Dick to help with a plan because he is “110% disposable.” Ouch. I totally flinched. That one hurt. But they quickly recover because guess what? Batman is a great dad! And with that excellent parenting Dick becomes Robin.

It is one of my favorite parts of the movie listening to Batman parent. “Great listening!” “Good job!”  “That was fun!” Batman has mega-positive reinforcements skills. I also love that we see Robin really thrive and be delighted when his Bat Dad gives him positive feedback. One of the great subplots of the movie is the way Batman becomes a dad. It’s great how he starts to care for Robin and how he chooses Robin’s safety over his own; it all adds up to a great story. Realistic? No, but for heaven’s sake we are talking about the fake metropolis of Gotham City and the superhero who saves it from evil. So yes, it is not very realistic, but I think the development of their relationship is very heartfelt.

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Ellen Haws

Ellen Haws is a writer and stay-at-home momster to two boys. She is an advocate for special needs individuals and special needs adoption. She created and is administrator of a thriving Facebook group that promotes and hosts events for special needs individuals and their families in Arizona. Once her hausfrau duties are finished, Ellen can be found creating sarcastic cross stitch art for her loved ones.

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