Would you be willing to pursue adoption if you knew at any moment it could all be swept out from under you? This is what many couples face when they become foster parents. They open up their homes and hearts to children, knowing that they could be placed back with their biological families at any time. The couple in this video did just that. They opened their hearts and home to a baby, Damon, in hopes that he would be their forever child. Yet, they faced the reality that he could be reunified with his biological mother.

Many people ask these families how they do it. How do they open up their hearts to love a child, or children, knowing that they may not remain in their homes? I admit that I have also had this mentality until recently. It finally occurred to me that this type of thinking is selfish. Yes, it would rip my heart right out of my chest, but we have to focus on the children and not ourselves. What if that short time spent in a loving, stable environment is the best they ever got? The focus has to shift, as it did for this couple, to the child. The precious time spent in a foster home may be the one thing in life that saves them and makes a difference in their path. That in and of itself should be worth the risk to us.

As this father learned from watching Finding Nemo with Damon, “You can’t never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him.” Watch here to find out what happened to Damon.