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Kylee Hooper August 15, 2016

Welcome, prospective adoptive parents! This guide was written to provide you with a single place to find information about adoption in Maine. It will walk you through everything from laws that will impact your adoption to reviews of adoption service providers in Maine.

We’ve divided this guide into five parts: first, general information about adopting in Maine, then sections dedicated to domestic infant adoption (starting in Slide 6) foster adoption (Slide 19),  international adoption (Slide 28), and stepparent adoption (Slide 32). And don’t miss our slide filled with links to helpful adoption resources (Slide 35).

Are you interested growing your family through domestic infant adoption? Click here to connect with an adoption professional who can answer your questions.

Domestic Infant Adoption: Birth Father Rights   
2. Domestic Infant Adoption: Birth Father Rights  

Maine does not have a putative father registry. However, the state stresses the importance of establishing paternity in any case where a woman's husband is not the father of her child.

If a man's name is on the birth certificate, he is a legal father. If the birth mother is married, her spouse is the legal parent. If the birth mother is not married, and there is not a known sperm donor, the birth father can sign an out of court waiver at the time of birth.

The birth mother must give notice of her consent for adoption to a putative father, or a man who is believed to be the father to a child but whose paternity has not been legally established. The putative father then has 20 days to petition the court for parental rights. A judge will issue a hearing to determine the matter of paternity. If the putative father chooses not to appear most courts interpret this as a surrender of his parental rights. Remember to always consult an adoption attorney in regards to birth father rights.

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Kylee Hooper is not quite a mother, but she adores babies, and hopes to be able to either foster or adopt someday. When she isn't writing, reading, or editing; she is normally playing her harp or creating an adventure.

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