A journey across the country is a unique thing. Glenn Koster appears to be a laid-back, ordinary, retired gentleman from Kansas. But he is far from laid-back or ordinary. He is very aware of the importance of the adoption and foster care systems and wants to build that awareness to the public. Many people raise awareness by donating to an agency, volunteering their time, or finding a local organization to assist. But Glenn is taking his awareness across the country—literally.

Genn started in Florida and is walking to Washington State to raise awareness for children in adoption and foster care. While he could have taken a more direct, shorter route, he is taking a longer, harder route. He stated in a local news article that “I did that because foster kids don’t have an easy life, so I wasn’t going to take the easy walk.”

Glenn is walking over 4,000 miles, over the course of several months. He started in February and hopes to arrive in the state of Washington by September or October. He walks 7 hours a day, 6 days a week with only the weather stopping him. His wife is traveling with him, driving an RV.

Foster care and adoption is not a new topic for Glenn. He was abandoned when he was 6 years old and was then adopted. But he was removed due to abuse and then was put back in the foster system. He was then placed with a foster parent who was too old to adopt him. That foster parent then passed away suddenly. He was successfully adopted again at the age of 10 according to a news article and video.

After his walk across the country is complete, Glenn has plans to become a pastor at a church in Kansas and has dreams to write a book.

He hopes this walk will raise awareness and bring light to foster care and adoption. He hopes more people will become more active, including becoming foster parents, becoming CASA workers, or volunteering their time. When asked why he is doing this walk, Glenn stated, “Now that I am retired, this is my chance to give back.”




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