launched a unique resource to help individuals who are seeking to reunite with their birth family or a child they placed for adoption. The Adoption Search and Reunion Course is the culmination of 12 months of work interviewing the leading experts in adoption search and reunion. 

The series is comprised of 16 videos with over two hours of information, including tangible steps to take and clear advice from professionals who specialize in search and reunion. The list of contributors includes adoption search angels, private investigators, an attorney, a social worker, a genealogist, a social worker, and adoptees who have reunited with their birth family.

These leading experts will answer the questions you have been searching for answers to – and some you may never have thought to ask. They have devoted their lives to this process and for the first time, all of these experts can be accessed in one place through the new Adoption Search and Reunion Course.

The course includes not only 16 videos you can view in order or piecemeal, but also gives you access to PDF documents containing tangible and detailed instructions on how to use every recommended resource. This course is the first of its kind and there is no other resource available to give you so much information from so many leading experts in one place.  It is truly a one-stop-shop resource on everything you need to know before you start or during your search and reunion journey.  Some of the topics include:

  1. Using Google & Social Media in Your Adoption Search
  2. DNA Testing for your Adoption Search
  3. Using Adoption Reunion Registries
  4. Searching Public Records
  5. Petitioning the Court for Adoption Records
  6. Using People Search Sites
  7. Using Genealogy Sites in an Adoption Search
  8. Obtaining An Original Birth Certificate
  9. Using Anecdotal Information in Your Adoption Search
  10. Working with Search Experts
  11. Contacting Adoption Agency or Attorney
  12. Talking to Adoptive Parents
  13. Initiating Contact with Birth Family Members
  14. Adoption Reunion and Relationship Experts
  15. When Contact is Denied
  16. Finding an Adoption Support System.

And so much more. Although no one can guarantee you will find your birth family members, you will get all of the resources needed to begin to think about or start the process.