Lizzy LaFond of Perham, Minnesota, turned one kid’s cruel joke about adoption into a stunning song.

LaFond was adopted when she was 7 months old.

By most accounts, she’s a typical 16-year-old, finishing up her sophomore year of high school.

But when a classmate made a joke about adoption that upset her, she went home and the beginning of a song was born.

The Song is called, “First Mom,” and can be found here.

LaFond says she began writing it when she was angry about her peer’s joke and being adopted.

“But then I thought of it more and how many blessings I’ve received, and I knew exactly what I wanted to write,” she says. “I wanted to thank my birth mom for the greatest sacrifice.”

Her friend Isaiah Blickenstaff, who is also adopted, wrote the song with her.

“He’s a super talented musician,” she says, adding that Blickenstaff actually started the melody having no idea what the song would be about.

“When I finished the lyrics and had a general idea about how I wanted it to sound, he was like, ‘I’ll work with that.’ And two hours later, it was done,” she says.

LaFond doesn’t know who her birth mom is but says she appreciates her decision.

“She knew she couldn’t care for me and another family could,” she says, adding that she’s praying about one day meeting her birth mom.

In the meantime, she hopes “First Mom” reassures others that while adoption can be complicated, it is not a bad thing

“It’s a song of forgiveness and thankfulness,” she says.

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