I was trying to decide who was the one person I would thank for helping on my adoption journey but there wasn’t just one. There are many people to thank. The foster parent and adoption journey is not easy. The journey is completely worth it but definitely not easy and not one I would want to go alone.

The first person I would like to thank is someone that very few people even met but whom I will never forget. Our son Brandon was stillborn, and it was shortly after his death that I began to think about adoption. I was not knowledgeable about foster care or adoption yet, but the passion for loving these kids and finding a way to help them was beginning to stir in my soul thanks to Brandon. Brandon taught me what it felt like to be a mom and to love a tiny human being unconditional. I knew that if I could love this little boy before I even met him, then I could love any child that came to our home.

“I also knew that if I could go through the deep pain and grief of losing our son, then I could handle any heartbreak that I might face as a foster or adoptive parent.”

I would also like to thank my wonderful husband of almost 15 years (now that makes me feel old). Obviously, I could not do this without him. Parenting is a team effort, and he had to agree to start this journey with me. Surprisingly, it didn’t take much to convince him that this is what we were meant to do. I was nervous at first to talk to him about foster care and adoption. I was worried about how he might react since we had never really discussed it before and I didn’t even have any information about the whole process. My answer to every question he asked was basically, “I don’t know.” But this caring and loving man surprised me. By the time we both arrived home from work that day, he had called a foster care agency, found out the answers to most of our questions, and already signed us up for foster care classes that started one week later.

“So, thank you to my husband, a man who understands my passions, supports me, and walks right beside me along this adoption journey!”

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Besides my husband, many family members and friends have supported us on this journey. There are too many names to mention but hopefully, they all know who they are. I am very thankful to have had love and support from our family because not all foster and adoptive families are as fortunate. From the moment we announced our intention to become foster parents, we had nothing but positive responses from everyone. As each new child has come to our home, they have been welcomed with open arms and loving hearts regardless of how long they stay. Our parents treat all the kids equally with their other grandkids, and I know our siblings have all been excited to have another niece or nephew.

“I’m not sure if my family will ever fully understand how grateful I am for the unconditional love they have showed to all our kiddos over the past few years. Thank you!”

Also, thank you to all the other foster and adoptive families I have met. Not only have they supported us by offering advice, encouragement, providing clothes and toys for our kiddos, and babysitting, but they have also inspired me to be better. These foster and adoptive families have taught me that I can do more because they are doing more. I am inspired when I see parents already taking care of six or eight kids, yet they are the first ones to offer help when someone needs it. I am inspired when I see foster parents building strong relationships with birth families, mentoring them, and offering support. I am inspired when I see families adopt kinship placements when they already seem to have a full house and weren’t necessarily planning on more children. I am inspired when I see parents raising awareness of foster care and adoption and supporting children in need in many ways.

“Thank you for being an example to me and many others!”

I am also thankful for the children. I know they did not choose this life. These children did not deserve to be abused or neglected or whatever the situation. I am not thankful that they are in foster care. What I am thankful for are the amazing hearts of these children. After everything they have been through, they still have the incredible ability to love and be loved. They have so much resilience and have taught me so much.

“Thank you for showing me a glimpse of Jesus’ love when I look at your sweet faces!”

Who would you thank for your adoption journey?


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