Understanding The Process | Placing Child for Adoption

Deciding to place a child for adoption is a big step. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Exploring Adoption Options

Take time to learn about different types of adoptions—like open, semi-open, and closed. Figure out what feels right for you.

2. Finding the Right Adoption Professional

Do your research to find a good adoption agency or attorney. They’ll help you understand the process and protect your rights.

3. Creating an Adoption Plan


Work with your adoption professional to make a plan. This plan will cover things like what kind of family you want for your child and how much contact you’ll have after the adoption.

4. Selecting Adoptive Parents

You’ll get to choose the family for your child. Look through profiles and pick one that fits your values and hopes for your child.

5. Legal Procedures

There are legal steps to complete, like signing forms and going to court. These steps make the adoption official and legal.

6. Emotional Support

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Placing a child for adoption can bring up lots of feelings. It’s okay to seek support from counselors, support groups, and trusted friends and family members.

7. Post-Adoption Support

Even after the adoption is final, you may need support. Many adoption agencies offer counseling and resources to help you adjust and navigate your relationship with the adoptive family.

Navigating the process of placing a child for adoption can feel overwhelming, but with practical support and guidance, you can make informed decisions that are best for you and your child. Reach out to Adoption.com for additional help as you go through this journey.

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