Thea Ramirez is passionate about children. With the MSW following her name, it didn’t take long for Ramirez to see there were problems in the child welfare arena. Seeing an organization that is underfunded, overworked and understaffed, Ramirez knew that “the solutions are always out there. It’s how we leverage them that makes the difference.” So she used her passion (which is truly contagious!) to draw a network of professionals to work together and raise the odds for adoption possibilities.

Ramirez’s tenacity and belief in people has led to the founding of, a non-profit organization which “exists to leverage technology to bring efficiency, innovation and reform to the private and public adoption process and to raise awareness about adoption in the United States.” This is done with the help of a handful of professionals who are equally passionate about making a difference in the lives of children. Adoption-Share led to the creation of Family-Match. At Family-Match, they have three major beliefs:

  1. There is a family for every child
  2. Families and children wait too long to be connected
  3. It is essential to help state case workers connect families with waiting children

The resolutions from these beliefs occur because of ingenious algorithms that match the waiting children with families in a way that makes success more attainable.

Adoption-Share has also created a site wherein adoptees, adoptive families and birth families can share the goodness. It’s called Adoption Is Beautiful and offers invitations to all who have been touched by adoption to join in the celebration of the good that comes from adoption.

All this … from one passionate person’s drive to make a difference. Inspiring, right? And it makes us want to step up and do our part too! If you’re one who can make a difference with your financial support, consider contributing to help Adoption-Share reach all waiting children, hopeful adoptive families and case workers.