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Could that have been your face I saw
Today on the crowded streets?
Would I know you, my own son
If by some chance of fate we might meet?

That little boy I saw in the park,
The one with dark hair and laughing eyes,
He could have been my son, he seems
To be just about the right size.
Would I know if his eyes met mine?
Will I just somehow see if he is the
Same sweet baby I carried under my heart
Once upon a time?

I have this picture of him in my heart,
And how he would look today.
But would I really know my son
If he happens to pass my way?

I wonder if he looks into faces
As he goes about his day.
Would he recognize me, if our eyes should meet
Somewhere along the way?

Is he searching faces, looking into crowds?
Is he hoping to see me too,
Looking for a familiar face
And wondering if he will know somehow?

I will go about my day, and for now
Put these thoughts away.
Until I see that face in the crowd,
Or that young man working down the street.
Did I see something in his eyes?
Some unanswered question between us
As we passed each other by.
Do you think we will know each other
If by chance we should meet?

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