I cannot believe The Blitz is already 4. When he came to us at 10 months, he was a happy, bobble-headed baby who sat but didn’t crawl, who didn’t talk but had an award-winning smile. He was a bit of a chub back then; it’s hard to imagine now since he’s such a skinny boy.

The Blitz had never lived with his siblings prior to coming here. He met them weekly in visits with bio-Mom, but since he was not yet mobile, their interactions were limited. Therefore, their first weeks in our home were as much about them getting to know each other as getting to know us. Back then, The Captain focused most of his energy on Tinker; at just 30 months, he’d already taken on the role of her keeper. In the three years since, though, the boys have formed a bond of brotherly love. They are the best duo of the three, able to play for long stretches without quarreling.

This year, The Captain appointed himself the herald of The Blitz’s birthday, asking every day since his own birthday last month if it was his brother’s turn. When the big day finally came, The Blitz slumped around and cried, complaining of being tired. By mid-afternoon, his fever was 105 and he was too sick to even blow out his candles. He had a terrible ear infection, we later discovered. But he seemed happy it was his birthday all the same and is still eating up the glory of being 4.

We can hardly remember that baby of three years ago– he is so eclipsed by this wild boy. The Blitz loves to get dirty, play in water, yell, climb, and generally raise a ruckus. He is cute as can be with huge eyes and a winning smile. But his real claim to fame is his superior facility with communication; he never “met a stranger” and he can talk your ear off about a variety of interesting topics. He is a joy and a delight, so much so that I can almost forget that my last baby is no longer a baby. Happy birthday, sweet boy.