It is time to re-introduce the family. Everyone is growing up so fast. I won’t have a picture of everyone, however. It turns out that it is really hard to squeeze 7 people into one photo. We have a few, but they don’t translate to “blog” at all! ( So what you have here is Sunshine, Tinker, me, Dear Hubby and the The Blitz.)

Now for the introductions! First, the Bigs. Not shown in the photo is our oldest, much cherished and long longed-for. We call her Pepper because she is a spitfire and she loves Dr. Pepper. Pepper will be 16 in September. She’s an artist of merit, a fantastic cook, a wonderful student, and all-round good girl. She was adopted as an infant (traditional adoption) and came to us at 3-1/2 weeks old. The first is always the first, and now that I am starting to see the end of her home years coming around, I can hardly stand to think of it! She is a junior this year. It seems like yesterday she was a baby in arms.

Sunshine is next. She’s 14 and a naturally exuberant bundle of energy. Her special fortes are music and softball. She is an excellent pianist but also plays the guitar and ukele very well. She’s a singer-songwriter able to play any sport, and she’s my best house cleaner. That title means a lot when you’re one of five! I was fortunate enough to be in the delivery room when she was born, and she has been a “Mama’s girl” ever since!

The Littles are a package deal. All three came from foster care in February of 2010, though they had not all been living together previously. The older two were together and the baby was alone. The oldest of this trio, aka The Triple Threat, is The Captain. He is 5 years old and starting kindergarten. The Captain is very athletic, great at mechanical things, and has a completely sweet heart,

Tinker is 4 and fully entrenched in the “aren’t I cute?” phase of life. She is a puzzle master and a pre-reader; she knows her letters, her numbers, her shapes, and how to outwit even the smartest adult. She is a pistol. You can’t help but adore her all the while knowing she is totally putting you on!

Not least, by any means, is The Blitz. He is a definite “baby of the family” personality and could be a fantastic snake charmer. For now, he concentrates on charming Mama, and I know I am spoiling him terribly! He is also good with letters, numbers, and shapes; he is a fantastic conversationalist, too!

I am out of space now so the parent introductions will have to wait. Thanks for taking time to meet our pride and joy, The Fab Five!