Yep. It’s my last day of being the headmistress. I am just about to entrust The Captain to his sweet and savvy kindergarten teacher for seven hours a day. I have never been a kinder-mom before since both the Bigs were home-schooled through all of grade school. I freely admit that I would feel tearful and nervous about leaving any child in someone else’s care for seven hours a day, and the fact that it’s The Captain makes it all the worse.

The Captain has a grab-bag of issues too minor to keep him out of the mainstream and too major for me to think he will flourish in that setting. Yet, he may surprise me. In any case, it is a completely new experience to just let go and leave it to someone else for a big part of each day.

Tinker will also head to school for half a day. In Texas, pre-K is provided by statute for any child who has ever been in protective custody of the State. When she arrived here at 20 months of age, I couldn’t imagine why it would be necessary; now that we know each other better, I know that being in foster care affects even little ones on many levels; she completely needs this “leg up,” socially. Academically, she’s right there; but she definitely needs some social experience and, well, taming.

Last Thursday, the teachers did a “Welcome Walk.” Each teacher came to our home for a few minutes to meet their new pupil and give them a hug. That was super-sweet, and the kids were so excited. I waited until the last minute to tell them and even so, the waiting was excruciating! Tinker’s teacher arrived first, which was so nice for her; she gets everything second! Then Friday was supply drop-off day, so they got to see their classroom and eye-ball their classmates for the first time. The Captain’s class is girl-heavy, which is, in my opinion, a good thing; fewer boys to “mix it up” with. Tinker’s is almost all girls, and she will adore that; she lives in a boy-centric world right now.

Tomorrow is the big day. We have lunches planned and outfits ready. I’m taking the first day of school photos today to lessen the stress tomorrow. I’m know they will be okay but man, this is hard.

Any sage words of advice for me?