Peter Craig is the Executive Director of the non-profit organization, Moving Works. The company’s mission is to document the hand of God in individuals’ lives and to share those stories, through film, throughout the world. And Peter Craig is a dad. He’s been blessed to see and document miracles of all kinds, and recently documented one that is tender to him: The adoption of their daughter, Tirfe, from Ethiopia. The film is called Adopted. (Watch it here.)

Peter and Erin are the parents of three children, one of whom is adopted. Regarding the creation of a family, Peter said, “One path is no less a miracle than the other. Having biological children is a miraculous gift from God, but so is adoption. Many people might think it is a plan B, but it’s not. It’s a different path, certainly, but it’s truly a miraculous one.” Adoption for the Craigs wasn’t an easy path. The process took over three years with difficult roads to navigate along the way. But the family felt the call from God. Knowing it was in His plan for them to adopt Tirfe, and leaning heavily on the support from friends and family, Peter and Erin maintained determination and were blessed with the peace bestowed upon all who seek it.

The adoption process began with Erin and Peter as it does with most . . .  as a thought. They pursued that thought and it developed into a plan. And then, like most who choose adoption, the world opened up and they began to search. Where would their child come from? What type of adoption would bring their child home? How would they move forward? The couple searched domestically and internationally, but the search came to an abrupt halt when they were shown a picture. The photograph was of three children living in a trash dump in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Their eyes were drawn to the youngest, who reminded Erin of their daughter, Lydia. They began immediately the process of adopting from Ethiopia. After 3+ years, Tirfe came home and was welcomed with loving arms . . . lots of them!

This loving family recognizes beauty all around them. They see beauty in the desert as well as in the forest, in the ocean and in the mountains. So why wouldn’t they see the variety of beauty in people too? They do. The Craigs don’t pretend that Tirfe is just like them—they are not blind to color. Instead, they are appreciative of it. The family celebrates their differences and appreciate Tirfe’s unique contribution. Peter and Erin will help Tirfe, as they do with all of their children, to seek after her own passions, ambitions, and enjoyments.

For the Craigs, as for many adoptive families, adoption is just one more proof of God’s love for all of His children. In fact, adoption is a symbol of what Jesus Christ did for all of us.