The adoption process is usually lengthy and can often feel overwhelming. It can feel like you are isolated in your feelings and that no one can relate to what you are experiencing. I know this from my personal experience.

But, I can also tell you from experience that you will have feelings of peace and love during the process as well. We adopted our daughter domestically in 2013 and are presently in the process of an international China adoption.

With our first adoption, our anxiety stemmed from the unknown wait of when or if we were going to get matched with an expectant mother. But there were many times I felt loved.

With this being our first child, our support system was extremely excited for us. They continuously showed us love and support during the waiting period, encouraging us to stay patient. When matched, they helped to decorate the nursery and my coworkers threw me a small baby shower.

We also felt love, an unconditional love, from Anna’s birthmother and birthfather. They made a hard decision in love to place her in our family. They loved her, and they knew they could not support her and wanted her happiness first. They placed her with us. We have an open relationship with them which will especially benefit our daughter as she gets older. She will never have to question about her birth parents. We share gratitude and love for them whenever we visit or talk.

The first time I held Anna after signing the paperwork making her our daughter will be forever engrained in my heart. It was an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love and a sense of urgency to provide all I could for her.

When we started the second adoption process, we surprised our families with pictures of our daughter in a big sister shirt to tell them we were adopting again. It was wonderful to see their reactions and see their heartfelt love and happiness for us.

We feel love by the support that people are offering us in prayers as well as financially to help alleviate some of the cost of bringing our child home.

Although it can be hard at times, adoption is an experience that you will never forget. It is full of gratitude, faith, and love. I know mine was.


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