TInker SassyIt’s been a long time coming. Our little Tinker is finally 4. She had to suffer through both brothers, and Daddy and Mommy all having birthday in the last two months.  It was torture.

When the Littles arrived in our home, Tinker was only 20 months old, a baby really. She talked and walked, but just barely. She was a little round chub and spent most of her days “tinkering” with things around the house. She was an expert at removing outlet covers. She rarely played with toys as she was too busy seeing what she could reach on the counters. A late walker (17 months), she was still regularly tumbling over those days.

Today, she’s a “typical four.” She dresses herself and has strong opinions about what she “should” wear. She loves brushing her hair, dressing up, and “helping” in the kitchen. She will go to Pre-K next year, a benefit offered to former foster kids by the state of Texas. We’re pretty sure Mama will cry!

Tink is a carefree, cute, sassy, and fun-loving imp. She has her birth mother’s hips and her adopted sister’s sass!  She is getting to enjoy her birthday “on the road” as we are on our way home from a long trip to visit my parents. We’re celebrating her birthday with a visit to the Discovery Science Museum in Boise and a store-bought cake or a visit to the cupcake store if we can find one, which is rare indeed. She won’t know it’s her (actual) birthday until the cake appears; we had an early celebration yesterday at Mamaw and Papa’s.

Here are four things I love about this four year old:


  1. She’s sassy.
  2. She has a bright and ready smile.
  3. She’s super-friendly.
  4. She’s helpful (a little mama).


I am so grateful for this child who stretches, tests, and teaches me every day. I am sorry for how she came to be in my life but eternally grateful that she’s mine! Happy birthday, Tinker-tot!

Photo credit:  Dreena T