I wanted to find some children’s adoption books at the start of our journey. So I researched and researched. But unless you go into a store and actually read the whole book, you don’t know exactly what the book is about or if it will be appropriate for your family or children. So here is a list of my favorite 10 children’s adoption books.

“I Wished for You: An Adoption Story” by Marianne Richmond. A little bear, Barley, asks his mother questions about how they became a family. It has beautiful watercolor illustrations.

“A Mother for Choco,” by Keiko Kasza. A little bird Choco is wondering: Who is his mother?

“Tell Me Again about the Night I was Born,” by Jamie Lee Curtis. This is a picture story about a child asking about the night he was born and adopted.

“God Found Us You,” by Lisa Tawn Bergren. This is the story of Mommy Fox telling the story of how she waited and her dreams of a baby fox came true.

“Every Year on Your Birthday,” by Rose A Lewis. This story talks about Chinese and American cultures as it tells the story of a family who adopted their daughter from China.

“We Belong Together,” by Todd Parr. A very kid-friendly story of how families can come together many different ways. It has many brightly colored pictures

“Happy Adoption Day” by John McCutcheon. This children’s story tells about a family traveling to adopt their child and includes an adoption song.

“A Blessing From Above,” by Patti Henderson. This is very kid-friendly story of how a kangaroo is waiting to adopt and then finds a baby bird.

“Rosie’s Family: An Adoption Story,” by Lori Rosove. This is a story about a family of dogs that adopts a dog that looks different than they do. A very good book for a transracial family.

“On the Far Side of Poplar Pond,” by Anjanette Walchshauser. This is a story of a family of ducks who adopts a turtle and teaches how families do not how to look the same.

I hope that these books will be useful and become a staple for your family!