Many of us dream about the type of parent we want to be. I always thought I would adopt, but I didn’t always know I would have a transracial family. My husband and I adopted our three-year-old daughter. While she was born in Ohio, her birth parents are originally from Taiwan, so we jumped into being a transracial family. There are many things you can do to support and strengthen your transracial family.

Grow your support system

Everyone says “it takes a village.” This is especially true with a transracial family. While all families benefit from a support system around them, transracial families especially will benefit by having support of the culture of the child. That way, the child has someone that looks like them and can answer culture-related questions.

Grow your community

It is also important to not only grow your support system but also your community. Learn and research your community. Find cultural activities and community centers to take your child to.

Grow your knowledge

Make sure you become a scholar on your child’s culture. This way, you can answer questions he/she might have about culture as they get older. You will also need to be aware and be able to celebrate holidays and traditions for their culture.