Adoption Camps are held annually throughout the United States and Canada. Although each camp organization has specific areas of focus, a common goal of adoption camps is to help adopted children understand where they came from and learn how to plan where they are going. Many adoption camps invite family members to join the fun and learning for a portion of the camp. Often, adult adoptees become mentors to the children attending and can become lifelong friends and advocates who truly understand your adopted child’s background and special situation.

Some wonderful summer adoption camps focus on reuniting siblings who have been separated through foster care. For many, it’s their only chance to catch up with each other. Larger sibling groups often cannot be housed together in foster care and many are adopted into separate families. These reunification adoption camps are vital for maintaining and strengthening biological family relationships. ABC News covered one such camp in the state of Washington.  And that year, at least one camp volunteer was so touched as she watched the relationship grow between 3 siblings who had been separated through foster care that she adopted all three of them—never to be separated again!

For those who have adopted through foster care, and those who have adopted internationally, adoption camp is a wonderful way to help ground your children and help them to create and grow lasting relationships. provides a list of some of the adoption culture camps held in various states throughout America.  A quick online search with the keywords “foster adopt camp” will provide a plethora of camping opportunities.  Although you may need to travel out of state for the camp that is perfect for your child, the experience will be one that your child will never forget!