vegetablesSo it’s been about a week of whole foods, no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup and I am grudgingly convinced that we might be on to something. Nothing big yet but definitely some noticeable differences. First, there were the two days of apparent withdrawal from all the gunk in their food, and the kids were atrocious, like they all had PMS. Then I noticed how much easier my job is, not having to monitor what they’re getting from the kitchen. There’s absolutely nothing they can’t eat in the kitchen anymore, so they can get whatever they want whenever they want. (I am going to have to go online and find some kind of organic chocolate bars for them or something, to have for special treats. They are kids, after all.)

But there are real differences showing up in their behavior and appearance. For example, yesterday when my daughter ran my good silver through the dishwasher and I told her to write 1000 times, “I wash silver by hand,” she did. Not without any crying, but definitely without the hysterics that writing sentences has brought on in the past. (In fact, we did away with writing sentences because she had such an extreme reaction to that consequence, but I was so mad about my silver yesterday and I couldn’t think of any other way for her to REMEMBER not to do it again.)

My 16-year-old son who has such bad acne that the doctor actually prescribes vaginal medication as a  topical (don’t ask but somehow it’s supposed to work on the breakouts) now has only a few eruptions. They are still dramatic, yes, but the underlying skin is calmer, smoother and clearer. Now when you look at him, you see how good-looking he is and not how bad his face looks.

Strangest of all, my husband and I actually like this food better. We had a dinner party Saturday night so we were “forced” to go back to the less healthy kind of eating for a couple of days (you know, leftovers, too), and we both commented last night that we wished we hadn’t, that we felt better when we were eating the yucky healthy food.

Now the only question is how far to take this–raw milk? No soy? The decisions seem endless. The only thing we know for sure is that we’re going to spend 90 days evaluating the results of our new and improved diet, then decide where to go from there. I find myself secretly hoping that we see enough results that we stay on this path for good. Who knew?

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