The #1 reason I placed is because I wanted my baby to grow up in a safe and loving environment. – Anonymous 

I needed my child to be safe. To have the stability of a mom and a dad. He needed more than what I could offer him – Chelsey Hoopes

We (her birth father and I together) chose to place our angel in a home with two parents that were committed to each other and that could provide the stability she deserved. We did not give her up; we gave her more. We didn’t love her less, we loved her enough to give her what she needed. – Emmy Dunn 

The birth father was in no place to be a father nor was I able, and in a place, to be a good single mother. I wanted her to have more stability in two parents than just one. – Lynea Krukiewicz-Spears

I wanted him to have all the opportunities in the world. I was living in a broken and depressing home, and knew I would not have certain opportunities available to me, but wanted them for my son and knew one of the only ways he would have them is in a two parent family that could provide a life for him.  – Whitney Albertson


I wanted to provide him with a stable, loving, two parent home. I didn’t want him stuck in the middle of the struggles, the drama, the hardships of parents who aren’t together. I want the world for my so–and, with his parents, my wish is granted. – Liddy

I already had a toddler and was barely getting by (actually not really getting by at all) and I knew the best thing for both of my daughters was to place the daughter I was carrying so that both my children didn’t have to miss out. – Kati Hoban

I wanted my son to have a mom and dad, but what was really important to me was that he also was raised in a home that had good values and that I knew they were similar to my beliefs. That little, big guy has a valuable purpose to fulfill in this earth and I truly believe that because I chose to send him to his adoptive family he has the best opportunity to fulfill it with them raising him. – Wendy Christman

I placed because I knew that even though I would have been enough for her, she deserved more. She deserved two parents that would love her, support her and encourage her to be the kind of woman I wanted her to grow up to be. I know I could have done it– I would have never let her lack for anything, but she deserved more than to watch me struggle – Shea Giersch

I placed because I wanted him to have the childhood I did. I grew up with all the opportunities in the world. I wanted him to have the same. I also wanted him to have two parents in a stable home. He needed a mom and a dad. Kids need more than just love. I didn’t want to just get by or just manage. He deserved so much more. So I took responsibility and did what was best for him, even if that meant it wasn’t me. – Morgan McClallen

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Adoption was right for us because I finally came to realize that even at my best, at 18 and by myself, I couldn’t be as good as a mom AND a dad with maturity, experience, and preparation.  – Anonymous

Because i needed my child to have more than I had had and not less. Because “good enough” wasn’t good enough for him. Because I preferred the heartbreak of losing him to the heartbreak of knowing that he could have had better. – Anonymous

THE reason I chose adoption is that I asked God “what is right for this child?”, not for my boyfriend, my mom, or even myself—what was best for my baby. Period.  AND that when I met his sweet parents, I knew that he was theirs before he was mine, that THEY had shared him with ME. – Tamra Hyde

I wanted more for her, even if that meant breaking my own heart. This was never about me, it was about her and the life she so deserved. She may have been unplanned, but she was never unwanted. I wanted her to have more, I wanted her to have a complete family, I wanted her to have a stable loving home. I was willing to give up the needs and wants of my own heart for the needs and wants of my sweet little girl  – Haley Kirkpatrick