Adoption Grants

Some organizations and adoption agencies offer grants and/or low-interest loans to families who inquire and qualify for their program. Typically, grant programs are for specific children, countries, or other criteria specific to the organization offering the grant. Keep in mind that many other people are applying for the grants as well, so while you may fit all the criteria, you may not receive the grant.

The alluring aspect of adoption grants are the fact that they do not require repayment. While grants rarely cover the total expense of adoption fees, they can make a small dent.

You must be serious about your intent to adopt before most grant organizations will consider you for one of their grants. Therefore, you will want to have a favorable home study completed before you pursue adoption grants. It is not uncommon for the granting organization to require a small application fee, which is often non-refundable.

Researching Grants

When researching grants, be sure to look at the requirements (some are very specific about the religious affiliation or the type of adoption) and especially pay attention to when the organization processes and reviews grant applications. Most, if not all, have deadlines, some only review the applications at certain times of the year. Keep in mind that many grant organizations receive far more applications than they can offer grants, but many families do receive grants so it is worth your time and energy to pursue this option for generating income to fund your adoption related expenses.

Agency Grants

Ask your adoption agency about their grant programs. Most larger agencies have some sort of financial aid available.

Granting Organizations

There are many organizations offering grants for international adoptions:

Brittany's Hope
Gift of Adoption
God's Grace Adoption Ministry
Lifesong for Orphans
National Adoption Foundation
Show Hope
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
The Orphan Foundation


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