Adult Adoption (Glossary)

Adult Adoption: The adoption of a person over the age of majority (as defined in State law).

Adult adoption is when a person of adult age is adopted by another adult(s). The age a person is considered an adult is dictated by that person's state statues.

There are several reasons why one would choose an adult adoption. The first and most common reason is to formalize and solidify a relationship with a stepparent, foster parent or legal guardian. Secondly, some adult adoptions are for inheritance reasons whereas a person wants to solidify a relationship to make sure that adopted person will inherent what the adoptive parent wills to them. Finally, another reason for an adult to be adopted is when that adult is unable to care for themselves because of medical or physical reasons and the adoption would insure that the adult adoptee would be taken care of by the adoptive adult and their care, insurance, and even inheritance.

There have also been some cases where the adult has reunited with their birth parent and both parties have decided to reconnect their renewed relationship by making it legitimate again through a re-adoption.

What legalities are involved in adult adoption? Each state has their own legal statutes on how to adopt an adult and what limitations, if any, there are through that state.

The results of an adult adoption are a new birth certificate, adoption records that in most states are automatically sealed, and the severance of one parental relationship while creating a new parental relationship.