Alex Brimeyer and Adoption



Also known as Prince Alexis d'Anjou Romanov-Dolgorouki

Congolese Conman

Brimeyer, born in the Congo (Zaïre) made a living in Europe from about 1966 by pretending to be the holder of a number of titles of nobility, including Prince Alexis d'Anjou Romanov-Dolgorouki and Duke of Durazzo. He claimed to be the son of Vassili d'Anjou Durassow, the adopted son (and birth cousin) of Prince Nicolas Louis d'Anjou Durassow, also the adopted son (and birth grandson) of Prince Nikolai Antonovich Romanov-Dolgorouki, Count di Fonzi, and also the adopted son of his alleged step-father, Major General Bruce-Alfonso de Bourbon and Prince of Condé, another impostor. He was apparently offered the throne of Serbia in 1992 by an extreme monarchist faction. All of the documents he offers to support his claims are dubious at best and he was declared an impostor by the European Monarchist Association and charged with various counts of fraud by the Belgian government. It is possible that some of his claimed adoptions were in fact legal, but they were all based on fraudulent representations to the men who adopted him as their heir. He was in fact the son of a Belgian woman and a Luxembourg agronomist and had no genuine royal connections.


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