Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables is based off the series written by L. M. Montgomery, a Canadian authoress.

IMDb: 8.4 of 10

Categories: Romance, Juvenile

Ages: 10-up


Anne of Green Gables

This story is about a strong willed, imaginative, hopeful little girl who comes into the lives of Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. The two siblings live on their family farm and are getting older in age. They decide to adopt a little boy from Nova Scotia, Canada to help on the farm on Prince Edward Island. By accident, Anne Shirley with red hair is sent instead. Anne pleads to prove herself to the Cuthberts for a few weeks, and Marilla accepts. Anne’s hot temper gets the best of her as the weeks come. Matthew loves Anne and her bright personality, helping her to get to know Marilla and smooth things over. After some time, the Cuthberts realize they can’t do without her. She is adopted by them and an adventure of excitement, silliness, growing up, and discovery of self ensues.


Anne of Green Gables teaches the story of life, through the mistakes, adventures, and daily occurrences. Anne shows how to live and be yourself, but learning to respect and be kind to those surrounding you. This film is a fun clean film for all ages. There are three in a series, where you can follow Anne as she grows up. It is based off of a book series written by L. M. Montgomery, by the same title. This film along with the book series would be great for a youth who was adopted during their elementary years.

Kids Section


Many adventures take place in this film. You and your child can follow Anne and create some of your own from some of the activities listed below or creating your own.

Invite neighbors, family, and friends to a Sunday lawn picnic.

Pick wildflowers or go to your local home ec store to buy wildflower seeds to plant in your garden.

Read a play and act it out.

Try writing your own story like Anne does.

Visit a farm and volunteer to help feed the animals.


Anne often works to the beat of her own drum. She knows that she is different when she comes to the small town of Prince Edward Island. But it doesn't stop her from being herself and befriending those around her because she knows that she is loved. Below are some questions that can be discussed along with the film:

Anne sometimes makes mistakes, what does she do to apologize and make up for her mistakes?

Anne struggles to keep her temper when she gets upset but tries her best to be better. What is something you struggle with and want to do better at?

Do you have a best friend like Anne? Who are they and why do you cherish their friendship?

If someone called you a mean name, what would you do? How can you react without hurting anyone’s feelings?

How would you help a friend or family member if they got hurt in an accident?


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