Category:Adoption Grants

The groups listed below are verified as currently active, functioning 501(c)3 adoption grant organizations. While specific application information can be found by contacting the organizations directly, these pages are meant to give a general overview of both the organization and its unique application process.

Grants from any of the following groups can range widely in quantity based on the availability of funds within the organization as well as the circumstances of the individual adoption in question. Grant totals can vary from $1,000 to $15,000 depending on the nature of the organization, as some are intended to provide marginal assistance for as many people as possible and others prefer to finance a few adoptions as extensively as possible.

One issue grant-seekers may encounter is that their approval for a grant depends in many ways on the preferences and opinions of the grant organization itself, as applicants are often approved based on their own personal family stories or their religious or social background. Most granting organizations have some form of board meeting periodically throughout the year to determine which applicants will receive the limited funding the organization has to offer.

Applicants may find it useful to apply to many different adoption grant organizations in the interest of being approved for enough assistance to make a significant dent in their adoption expenses.