Christian Adoption

Even though a placing parent may decide adoption is best, it doesn't mean that they no longer have concerns about how their child will be raised. Faith may be a very important issue, and many religious denominations offer adoption programs as part of their overall outreach services.

Christian adoption agencies work especially with the placing parents in order to help them be sure that they really want adoption. Placing parents receive counseling and support from pregnancy through the adoption process, and even afterward to help them adjust to post-adoption life and issues. At no time are the parents pressured to either give up or keep their child, just to look at all the options and come to an informed decision that is best for all concerned.

What can you expect from a Christian adoption service?

From the moment you contact a Christian adoption service your will receive emotional support, counseling and all the necessary information about the adoption process in order to help you decide what is best for you and your child.

You will have the option of taking part in selecting the adoptive family for your child, and you may even choose to meet them personally to be sure they are all you expect.

You will be asked to pre-register with the hospital where you plan to give birth, and you'll need to contact your counselor when you go into labor.

When it comes time to sign the forms relinquishing legal parental rights to your child, your counselor will make sure that you are not under the influence of any medication and that you are making your decision with a clear mind. You can still change your mind and keep your child if that is your decision. Most states have a modest average period of 3-10 days to allow you to revoke your relinquishment if you truly change your mind about placing your child. Check on the law in your state.

Christian adoption agencies usually offer counseling as well as support groups to help you through any lingering issues after your adoption is complete.

Overall, Christian adoption services help you to place your child in a home that shares your faith, while ministering to your needs as well. You will be treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve, and your child will be well on her/his way to having the life you hoped for.