Christian Adoption Agency

Working With a Christian Adoption Agency

Choosing an adoption agency is one of the most important of the decisions that must be made by prospective parents. In some cases, an agency's philosophy is as important as experience, training, and services. Many will find that the best choice for them is a Christian adoption agency.

A Christian adoption agency may be affiliated with a specific denomination, or may be independent. Most, if not all, see their adoption work as a ministry or calling, an outgrowth of the faith of the founders. Many find a Biblical basis for their work, referring to the adoption of Moses by Pharaoh's daughter and Joseph's willingness to act as an "adoptive" earthly father to Jesus. In addition, most Christian agencies draw a parallel between a parent's willingness to adopt a child and God's willingness to adopt humanity into the Kingdom.

Some Christian adoption agencies have faith requirements for their clients, while others do not. For example, some are open to adoptions by people of any faith, feeling that their ministry asks only that they connect needy children and loving parents. Others feel called to work only with those who share their beliefs and promise to bring a child up in that faith. In some cases, agencies will ask only that one parent be able to profess a Christian faith and promise to raise a child accordingly. Many adoptive parents find that using an agency that shares their faith adds familiarity and reassurance to a process that is often overwhelming.

In the same way, some agencies are more open to adoptions by single parents than others. Lutheran agencies are most likely of any Christian adoption agency to accept gays and lesbians as parents, though many Methodist and Catholic agencies are also open to working with this population. Others, primarily those specializing in international adoption, are guided more by the dictates of the countries they work with than by church doctrine when discussing the marital status and sexual orientation of prospective parents.

A Christian adoption agency must abide by the same laws and regulations as any other agency, and should be investigated by clients in the same way. Experience and strict attention to compliance with all regulations are vital to ensure the adoption is legal. Faith may be an important element in the choice, but in adoption, the decision must be based on more than faith alone.