Congo National Anthem

"Debout Congolais" (Arise Congolese) is the national anthem of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was first adopted in 1960[1] upon independence from Belgium, but was replaced by La Zaïroise when Congo changed its name to Zaire in 1971.[2] It was finally reinstated when Congo was reorganized in 1997. The words are by Joseph Lutumba and the music is by Simon-Pierre Boka di Mpasi Londi.

CHOIR Arise, Congolese, United by fate, United in the struggle for independence, Let us hold up our heads, so long bowed, And now, for good, let us keep moving boldly ahead, in peace. Oh, ardent people, by hard work we shall build, In peace, a country more beautiful than before.

VERSE Countrymen, sing the sacred hymn of your solidarity, Proudly salute the golden emblem of your sovereignty, Congo.

REFRAIN Blessed gift (Congo) of our forefathers (Congo), Oh beloved (Congo) country, We shall people your soil and ensure your greatness. (30 June) Oh gentle sun (30 June) of 30 June, (Holy day) Be witness (holy day) of the immortal oath of freedom That we pass on to our children forever.

Note: The words in parentheses are to be sung by a choir; the rest are to be sung by soloists.

Source: [1]

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