Crazy Horse and Adoption

A sketch of Crazy_Horse


ca. 1849-77

Also known as Curly and Tashunkewitko Sioux (Native American) war chief

Crazy Horse was named Curly when he was born, to a Brule Sioux mother and a Lakota Sioux father. He was adopted as an adolescent by High Back Bone (or Hump), a great Oglala Sioux warrior, who taught him all he knew.

As an adult he was one of the greatest war leaders of those Sioux and Cheyenne who refused to be confined to the treaty reservations. In 1872 he was one of the leaders of the Oglala who annihilated the US Army forces under Colonel George Custer, but he was pursued and eventually surrendered at Red Cloud in 1877. A few months later he was killed while trying to escape.


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