Eugène-Rose de Beauharnais and Adoption

Eugène de Beauharnais, portrait by Andrea Appiani, 1810.



Also known as Eugène Napoléon

French nobleman and general

de Beauharnais was the son of Joséphine de Tascher de la Pagerie and Alexandre, Viscount de Beauharnais. Alexandre was guillotined during the Terror in 1794 and his mother married the future Emperor Napoléon in 1806, after some years of living in poverty. Eugène and his sister, Hortense were adopted by their new step-father.

Eugène was made a brigadier general in the army, Prince of France, archchancellor of the empire, Prince of Venice, Grand-Duke of Frankfurt, Duke of Leuchtenberg and Prince of Eichstadt. He married Auguste-Amélie de Wittelsbach and they had seven children.


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