Haiti Adoption

If you are thinking about, or are currently exploring adoption, you may look to other countries, such as Haiti for example, to find a child. Haiti is located approximately 50 miles southeast of Cuba. It is considered to be a part of the West Indies and its culture is a mixture of French, African, Indian, Spanish and British influences. There are many children in Haiti who are waiting to find a loving, stable home.

Many of the reasons that a child will become available for adoption here is due in part to the economic hardships that most of their families endure.

Some of the requirements that you may find when looking to adopt from Haiti are:

  • Individuals who are between the ages of 45 to 50 must be willing and should expect to adopt a toddler;
  • Only heterosexual married couples and single women who are living alone and are between the ages of 35 to 50 are eligible;
  • All couples must be married for a minimum of two years;
  • Childless couples may adopt up to 5 children.

When doing your research through agencies or online, you can find out the complete list of adoption requirements.

The children who are available for adoption generally range in age between 15 to 24 months, with both boys and girls being available. All families wishing to go through the adoption process must complete a home study and submit their dossier, which then gets delivered to the Haitian Government for approval. Once approval is received, the families then may travel to meet and bring home their child.

Until they have been selected for adoption, children wait in family-run orphanages where they are well cared for.

Fees will vary depending on which adoption agency you choose.