Hebrew Free Loan Association

Started in 1897 by an initial nine members, the Hebrew Free Loan Association was founded on teachings from the Torah indicating that interest-free loans are the method of lending proscribed in the Bible. As such, Hebrew Free Loan offers a perpetual fund type of loan, in which no interest rates are present and the only requirement is that the amount borrowed is the same amount repaid. According to, this business model has had a 99% repayment rate, and is funded from constant community donations that increase the reach of the program.

Founded in San Francisco, the Hebrew Free Loan Association is still focused mainly on Northern California. They offer zero-interest loans to Jews for general purposes, one of which is covering adoption expenses.

Adoption Loan Information

Loans from the Hebrew Free Loan Association can be as large as $15,000. Apart from normal loan information such as a social security number or employment information, the only particularly unique question is whether or not the applicant is a Jewish resident of Northern California. If the answer to this question is negative, then the applicant will not qualify for a loan from the association.

Many types of loans are available, with a specific option for adoption loans.

Two cosigners are required for a loan up to $15,000 dollars. Any quantity higher than that will require more cosigners, possibly up to four, and also changes the basic requirements for the cosigners themselves. For loans up to $15,000, however, the cosigners must be Jewish, and provide evidence of a stable income, most commonly through paystubs or other evidence of recent, stable employment. An individual cosigner must have an annual income of at least $60,000, while a couple that chooses to cosign together must have a combined annual income of at least $80,000.