Juno Theatrical Release Poster

Juno is a Canadian-American film that was released 2007. This film was inspired by the screenwriter’s (Diablo Cody) high school experiences and friends and spouse who have been touched by adoption.

IMDb: 7.6 out of 10

Categories: Comedy, Slice of Life

Ages: 15-up


This film is about a 16 year old girl, named Juno, who gets pregnant with a high school friend. She goes through the decisions of abortion, but ends up wanting to place the child for adoption. Through this experience Juno’s parents were surprised and upset but supportive in helping her connect with birth parents. She finds a couple she likes and meets with them to get to know them and what kind of parents they will be. Juno slowly gains love for the child and is happy to place her child with the couple she chose.


Juno is a comical film but relatable for young birth mothers’ who might go through a similar experience. This film shows the grow of a young girl trying to understand who she is and the importance of life. There are adult themes in this film.


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