Kitty Carruthers and Adoption


Carruthers, Caitlin (Kitty), 1962-

Carruthers, Peter, 1960-

American ice skaters

Adoptive (not biological) brother and sister, the Carruthers were 1984 US Olympic pairs figure skating silver medalists. They became professionals after the Games and retired from regular performing in 1994. Peter is now a sports broadcasting commentator. In their honor, the street in Wilmington, Delaware where the town's ice rink is located has been named Carruthers Lane. They are not biological siblings, but both were adopted as infants from the New England Home for Little Wanderers. Kitty's background is Lebanese and Peter's is Dutch and English.

Kitty, who at one time dated fellow skater Scott Hamilton, and her husband are also the adoptive parents of two boys.


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