Lifesong for Orphans

Gary and Marla Ringger founded Lifesong for Orphans in approximately 2002, when Gary sold Ringger Foods and founded The Manna Group (TMG Foundation). Lifesong for Orphans stemmed from that group shortly thereafter, as the Ringgers felt a desire to use their resources to help orphans gain both basic human necessities and loving family homes.

Lifesong for Orphans is a 501(c)3 certified adoption grant provider, with a focus primarily on traditional two-parent Christian families. Their mission statement is as follows: "We seek to mobilize the Church, His body, where each member can provide a unique and special service: some to adopt, some to care, some to give."

The organization funds all of its administrative costs and fundraising efforts through The Manna Group, meaning that all donations go completely to the support of orphan adoption.

Grant Information

Lifesong for Orphans specializes in matching grants, and hosts a fundraising system on its official website. There, prospective parents can check how much has been donated already, and can direct prospective donors to the site to make a contribution to their own individual fund. Lifesong for Orphans then matches the amount raised with their own donation, granting $1,000-4,000 dollars to the adoptive parents.

When grant funds are low or unavailable, Lifesong for Orphans turns its focus to fundraising support for families that set up an account with them. The donations given to the account are tax deductible, and Lifesong provides a central location for potential donors to send their contributions.

An adoption donation account with Lifesong stays open for two years from the time of its opening. It can be closed sooner than that if need be.

Application is possible only after a successful home study. The application must be received by Lifesong before the placement of the child in the adoptive parents' home. Families can apply one time for consideration, and that decision made concerning their application is final.

Adoption Loan Information

Lifesong for Orphans also offers no-interest adoption loans designed to help couples manage their cashflow when faced with immediate adoption expenses.

Allied Organizations

Taken from

  • — Ministry of Focus on the Family
  • Hope for Orphans — Ministry of FamilyLife
  • Pathways for Little Feet — Interest-free loans Partner
  • Retail Orphan Initiative — Vision Team Partner
  • Misgana Ministries — Ethiopia Partner
  • Tree of Life Ministries — Honduras Partner

Other Programs

Lifesong organizes and supports a variety of programs apart from adoption grants, including adoption agency services, orphan care, foster care, advocacy, economic development, and family preservation projects worldwide.

Adoption Services

Lifesong's adoption program services both domestic and international adoptions, and has worked successfully in the Ukraine to provide over 140 domestic adoptions there.

Contact Information

Mailing: PO Box 40 Gridley, IL 61744

Phone: 309.747.4527

Email Form:


(Updated: Jan. 2017)