Maury Povich and Adoption



1939 -

Talk Show Host

Maury Povich (born Maurice Richard Povich on January 17, 1939 in Washington, DC) is a controversial American television talk show host who currently hosts the self-titled Maury.

The program is similar in content to the "Jerry Springer" Show, but without the violent confrontations that frequently occur on that program. Paternity tests, sexual infidelity, people with unusual illness, and surprise makeovers are common themes. Less-frequently seen are episodes that revolve around the impressive achievements of little people. Also sometimes seen are episodes revolving around obese babies, which gained him notoriety.

Povich, the son of Washington Post sportswriter Shirley Povich, is married to former CBS-TV news anchor Connie Chung. The couple has been married since 1984 and adopted their son Matthew Jay in 1995.

In 1986-1990, Povich hosted the tabloid "infotainment" TV show A Current Affair. He was also the host of a short-lived remake of the classic game show, Twenty One.


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