Michael E. Reagan and Adoption

, son of former



Reagan is the adopted son of President Ronald Reagan and his first wife, the actress Jane Wyman (they were divorced in 1952). He is a politically conservative talk-show host and has also been an actor, speed-boat racer, arms dealer and game-show host. His adoption was not a happy one and he is now estranged from his family. He tells a story from his childhood which illustrates his relationship with his parents. In 1964 Ronald Reagan was the commencement speaker at an exclusive preparatory school outside Scottsdale, Arizona. He was standing with several of the graduating seniors, who were invited to pose for pictures with him. He chatted to each of the graduates in turn, and to one of the boys said: "My name is Ronald Reagan. What's yours?" The boy said, "I'm your son, Mike." "Oh," said Reagan. "I didn't recognize you."


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