Mici Plwm and Adoption


Mici Plwm is a popular Welsh television and stage actor, especially in children's programs; his most famous character is probably Plwmsan y Twmffat Twp, dim-witted side-kick of Syr Wynff ap Concorde the Boss. He was raised in a children's home in Llan Ffestiniog, North Wales, from the age of six until 17. He and his brother and two sisters were put into the home when their mother was hospitalized with a mental illness, and their father, a quarryman, was unable to care for them on his own. He describes his life there as happy, in spite of some local prejudice against the "children from the home," but it was hard to maintain normal sibling relationships in a home with 40 children.

Their father lived in the same village and they saw him every week and the family has always been close.


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