Peter Falk and Adoption

Peter Falk as Columbo in 1973


1927 – 2011


Peter Falk (born September 16, 1927) is an American actor.

Best known for his role in the long-running TV series Columbo, in which he played the title role --a shabby, seemingly slow-witted police detective. Columbo inevitably solved his cases through close attention to tiny inconsistencies in a suspect's story, hounding them until they confessed. Columbo's signature technique was to exit the scene of an interview, invariably stopping in the doorway to ask "just one more thing" of a suspect, which always brought to light the key inconsistency.

Falk is also loved for his brilliant performance in the high-brow comedy, The In-Laws. Falk played a crazed CIA agent who dupes his in-law, a New York City dentist, into joining a scheme to rob the U.S. Treasury. He also gave a memorable turn opposite Gena Rowlands in director John Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence.

His right eye was surgically removed at the age of three. This was because of cancer.

During his marriage to Alice Mayo, the two adopted to girls, Catherine and Jackie. He’s been married to Shera Danese since 1977.


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