These policies and guidelines exist to outline the practices and procedures accepted in the adoption.com community. Questions and concerns about policies should be directed to _____________________.


The purpose of the Adoption.com Wiki is to create a free, reliable, accessible, neutral encyclopedia that covers all topics relevant to adoption. This is not a forum for promoting adoption-related products or services, a news outlet, or a platform for expressing opinions.


All Adoption.com Wiki editors are expected to treat each other with respect.

All content and edits added to the Wiki will be screened before approval.

Users can be banned for persistently attempting to promote products/services, pushing a personal or political agenda, or making attacks on other Adoption.com Wiki users.


Adoption.com takes copyright laws very seriously. Wiki editors are expected to respect copyright laws, always cite sources, and never plagiarize.


All images uploaded to the Adoption.com Wiki should be relevant/add to the content.

All images must be properly credited on an image description page.

Images should not violate privacy rights or demean/ridicule the subject.