Post-Placement Report

Post-Placement Report: A written report that is prepared for the court in an adoption case by an adoption caseworker that makes a series of personal visits to the home of the adoptive parents. The purpose of these post-placement visits is to observe how well the child and the prospective adoptive parents are bonding to each other and how the child is fitting into the family. This report will also contain a recommendation by the caseworker, based on the caseworker's personal observations and interactions with the child and the members of the adoptive family, concerning whether or not the caseworker thinks it would be in the "best interests of the child" for the proposed adoption of this child by these adoptive parents to take place. In almost all cases, the court will follow the recommendation that the caseworker makes in the Post Placement Report, and in almost all cases, this recommendation will be that the adoption be allowed to take place.