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Are You Pregnant?


Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Tests

Even the most uncomplicated pregnancy will involve a number of tests, from the initial pregnancy test to screenings for disease to others that mean little to you, but a great deal to your medical practitioner. Also, learn about home pregnancy tests as well as online pregnancy tests. See Pregnancy Test page.

Pregnancy Calculator

Your due date is important, not only so you know when to have the nursery ready, but so you'll know how far along you are. This helps you track the progress of your pregnancy, to ensure the baby is growing and developing on schedule. To estimate your due date, you'll need some sort of pregnancy calculator. See Pregnancy Calculator page.

Use our pregnancy calculator here: Click here

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Unplanned Pregnancies


Unplanned Pregnancy

An unplanned pregnancy often creates a crisis, making it difficult to focus on the future. Unplanned pregnancy is not unique to young, unmarried women. It occurs within marriage and in older women, and it can create a crisis in every life. See Unplanned Pregnancy page.

Crisis Pregnancy

A woman who finds herself having to deal with a crisis pregnancy needs to find a place to turn for support and guidance. When you find yourself pregnant, you already have a lot of physical as well as emotional changes going on. Add to that the stresses of not knowing what your options are and where to turn, and a crisis pregnancy can be a very traumatic experience. See Crisis Pregnancy page.

Teen Pregnancy

Pregnancy and birth are challenging for any woman. When it's a teen pregnancy, the challenges multiply. See Teen Pregnancy page.

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Pregnant and Considering Adoption

Pregnancy Questions: Initial Questions About Adoption

There are many questions to be answered and decisions to be made during this time. Here are some basic answers to common questions women have regarding the process of adoption. See the Pregnancy Questions: Initial Questions About Adoption page.

Considering Adoption

Adoption is a legal process that creates a new, permanent parent-child relationship where one didn't exist before. The adoption proceedings take place in court before a Judge. See the Considering Adoption page.

Pregnant and Thinking About Adoption

Are you pregnant and thinking about placing your baby for adoption? Being well-informed may help you feel better about whatever decision you make—whether it is to place your child for adoption or to parent your child yourself. See Pregnant and Thinking About Adoption pages.

Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents

This information discusses some of the emotional issues that parents may face after making the decision to place an infant for adoption, in surrendering the child, and in handling the feelings that often persist afterwards. See Impact of Adoption on Birth Parents pages.

Unplanned Pregnancy Options Guide

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult and emotional. I so wish I could somehow personally reach out and hug any and all who are reading this. I have been there. I know how hard, scary, and confusing it can be – but hopefully this guide can help you better understand your options. See the Unplanned Pregnancy Options Guide page.

Becoming Pregnant


Pregnancy Basics

While the most obvious changes are physical, pregnancy impacts every aspect of a woman's life. See Pregnancy Basics page.

Pregnancy Diary

When you first find out that you’re pregnant it’s a good idea to keep a pregnancy diary with information about doctors, medications, dates of progress, and milestones. See Pregnancy Diary page.

Pregnancy Forums

Pregnancy forums can help any mom-to-be through this exciting and life-changing time. See Pregnancy Forums page.

Ten Pregnancy Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding pregnancy, some of them potentially more believable that others. See Ten Pregnancy Myths page.

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Pregnancy Calendar


Start tracking from week 1, when you're not even pregnant yet to week 42, when you're two weeks past your due date. See all Pregnancy Calendar pages. Or look at an overview of each trimester.

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Lifestyle Changes


Common Complaints

Your body is going through some major changes. It's no surprise that some of these changes create discomfort. Here are some ways to deal with them. See Common Pregnancy Complaints page.

Rest and Relaxation

Pregnancy is a time of many, many bodily changes. These changes take energy and can leave you feeling more tired than usual. See Rest and Relaxation During Pregnancy page.

What to Wear

Pregnancy brings on many changes to the body, not the least of these is the change in the clothing you can wear and what feels good. See What to Wear During Pregnancy page.

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Health and Wellness



Your pregnancy diet will have implications that will last the baby's whole life long. See Pregnancy Diet page.


Nutrition is never more important than in pregnancy, when you're literally laying the foundation for your baby's future. See Pregnancy Nutrition page.


There are a number of exercises that are safe for you during your pregnancy. See Pregnancy Exercises page.


Because of the increased amount of hormones and changes in sexual organs in the body, sex can actually be more enjoyable during pregnancy. See Sensual Pregnancy page.

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Pregnancy Complications


Most Common Complications

Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you may be faced with difficult decisions. See Most Common Complications page.


About 15 percent of known pregnancies will end in miscarriage, usually in the first trimester. See Miscarriage page.

Preterm Labor and Premature Birth

What to do when your water breaks early or you go into preterm labor.

Delivery Complications

Even if the pregnancy has been low risk, sometimes complications arise during birth.

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Labor and Delivery


Birthing Options

When it comes to childbirth, you have options. Find out what choices you have in order to make your experience the most comfortable as possible. See Birthing Options page.

Getting Ready for the Birth

Be prepared with everything you need in your overnight bag and with knowing what to do when you start going into labor. See Getting Ready for the Birth page.

Stages of Labor

You've spent the last nine months preparing, and now childbirth is imminent. Let's take a step by step look at the childbirth process from first contraction to baby's first cry. See Stages of Labor page.

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Postpartum Care


Recovery After Birth

Learn how best to care for your body after delivery. Learn about normal after-birth discomforts. See Recovery After Birth page.

Postpartum Blues

About 80 percent of women feel down for the first several weeks after delivery. Although no one knows why this happens, we do know it's normal and usually fades with time. See Postpartum Blues page.

Baby Names

Find out what the most popular baby names are or search through names by letter, origin, or gender. See Baby Names page.

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Pregnancy Index


Search through all of our pregnancy pages to find what you're looking for.

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