Pregnancy Exercises

The Truth About Pregnancy Exercises


Can you believe that doctors once thought that a pregnant woman should spend her entire pregnancy just resting? Well, that definitely does not apply in today's society. There are a number of exercises that are safe for you during your pregnancy. In fact, most health care providers encourage pregnant women to exercise in order to help maintain their weight and even help them perform better during labor and delivery.

There are some thoughts you should take into consideration before you begin a regimen of pregnancy exercises. If you have not been exercising on a regular basis before your pregnancy, now is not the time to start a difficult routine. You should be especially careful if you have any previous health conditions. Make sure you discuss your ideas with your health care provider because s/he may have some pregnancy exercises that are just right for you.

Here are a few simple suggestions for pregnancy exercises and how they can help you stay healthy during your pregnancy.


Walking briskly is a good way to start your exercise regimen. You can begin walking at any time during your pregnancy. You can walk anywhere and it is a low-stress exercise. Walking helps keeps your knee mobility when the effects of your pregnancy make your joints stiff and may keep your legs feeling good in general.


Swimming can be a relaxing exercise for a pregnant woman. This is another exercise you can begin at any point in your pregnancy. The support of the water helps comfort your body while you work out your arms and legs. This is also a great opportunity to practice breathing for labor. Plus, just think - once you have finished a few laps, you can float around the pool to cool down.


Stationary cycling is recommended due to the fact that your balance changes as your pregnancy progresses. If you are comfortable enough on a regular bicycle during your first trimester, that is okay too. Cycling helps strengthen your legs and prevents stiffness and numbness.


Yoga during your pregnancy can help you breathe and relax. It may help prepare your body for the physical demands of labor by strengthening your pelvic muscles. Yoga can also help relieve any back pain you may have.

Food for Thought

As with any exercise, if you feel that you are getting worn out, dizzy, nauseous, or have pains, stop immediately. You should avoid any contact sports while you are pregnant in order to prevent possible injuries to your abdomen. Do not exercise in excessive heat, as extreme temperatures could cause your body to overheat. Make sure to stay hydrated! Contact your health care provider if you have any other questions about exercising during your pregnancy.

Now that you know that it is safe to exercise during pregnancy, choose one or two pregnancy exercises that are just right for you and have fun!

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