Sensual Pregnancy

Having Sex During Pregnancy


Sex can be a wonderful thing during pregnancy.

Because of the increased amount of hormones and changes in sexual organs in the body, sex can actually be more enjoyable during pregnancy. Certain areas of the body become more sensitive, such as the genitals, breasts, and nipples and contribute to arousal. However, the second trimester will probably be best for sexual intimacy because this is the time when the body is feeling best, not as nauseous or tired as in the first and third trimesters.

There is no evidence to suggest that having sex will harm the baby. The baby is in a sealed off area that is protected by the amniotic sac. However, some positions may not be as comfortable as they were before; try different positions and be sure that you’re comfortable.

Unless your doctor advises otherwise or in special circumstances, sex is great during pregnancy. It's good for your body and safe for your baby.

Special Circumstances

There are times when having sex during pregnancy can be harmful:

  • If you have placenta previa.
  • If bleeding occurs, do not have sex and talk to your doctor. It may not be serious, but has the potential to be.
  • If you’ve previously had a miscarriage talk to your doctor first.
  • If you’re water breaks, you could be at risk for infection. [1]

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